Inappropriate assassination art shut down

NYT: Today, a performance artist tried to set up an art exhibition in Manhattan with the title, “The Assassination of Hillary Clinton/The Assassination of Barack Obama,”
“Asked whether the artwork was being seen as dangerous, (Police Commissioner Ray) Kelly said: “Obviously, it sounds totally inappropriate. We need more information as to what the purpose of it was. As I say, apparently he made some statements that he was referring to their reputations … don’t know, we will have to get more information. But he is being questioned now by our detectives and the Secret Service.”

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One Response to Inappropriate assassination art shut down

  1. frazgo says:

    Oh sweet jeebus, it is censorship folks. How many times has Bush, Cheney and crew been hung in effigy or statements made they should be shot. Fair play, if artists or malcontents can go after the president they certainly can go after a candidate. It is all in bad taste, but politics is rarely out of the gutter.

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