‘Critical Tuesday': What did Hillary actually win?

Here is a good roundup by the AP about the delegates that were at stake Tuesday and how they were divvied up between the candidates:

There were 370 Democratic delegates at stake in Tuesday’s contests,
and nearly complete returns showed Clinton outpaced Obama in Ohio, 74-65, in Rhode Island, 13-8, and in the Texas primary, 65-61.

Obama won in Vermont,
9-6, and was ahead in the Texas caucuses, 30-27. Ten of the dozen that
remained to be awarded were in Texas; the other two in Ohio.

So as we said earlier, it looks like Obama could take the Texas caucus, pretty much negating Hillary’s primary win there. At this point, with those 12 delegates still to be apportioned, the total delegate count is 1,562 for Obama and 1,461 for Clinton — roughly the same 100-delegate lead Obama carried into the Critical Tuesday primaries.

Again, this is all bad news for Hillary and her supporters. Her victories in Ohio, Texas and Rhode Island are little more than morale-boosting, psychological wins, as opposed to actual, statistical ones.

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