State of the race? Depends who you ask

 It would have been pretty clear if Sen. Obama had just been able to take Ohio and Texas: no more endless speculation from the blogosphere, and talking heads, and salaried “political expert” columnists.

But since it isn’t, let’s just revel in the wildly differing opinions on this race.  From Marc Cooper at the Huffington Post:

“There is no plausible scenario in which Clinton can win the nomination. At least not democratically.”

The undemocratic situation Cooper refers to is the possibility that the pledged delegate count will be so close to deadlocked that party-chosen superdelegates will be the one to choose the president (for a recap on what superdelegates are see Fred Ortega’s post of last month.)

Meanwhile, two columns up at the Huff Post, Stephen Schlesinger argues there are plenty of historical examples of superdelegates elevating a candidate with fewer pledged delegates (Clinton) over the front runner:

“There is no rule in the politics of Democratic Party conventions that
says that the contender with the largest number of pledged delegates
short of the total required for nomination should automatically, by
dint of that achievement, be handed the party’s designation. This
argument is now being put forth by Senator Obama’s campaign.”

And, of course, the final x factor is what could happen if Florida and Michigan get their delegates counted (Clinton might still be behind in that scenario, though it would be much closer).  Or, as Cooper and Schelesinger’s colleague, Mark Green, suggests, perhaps Florida and Michigan will attempt a new primary which would actually have all the candidates on the ballot. 

2 thoughts on “State of the race? Depends who you ask

  1. The Democrats have given the GOP an early Christmas gift. Hillary (like Bill) is a pathological liar. She will say, or do, ANYTHING in order to get elected. It’s about power, not serving the people. Admit it to yourselves, Hillary supporters. More and more people who can actually think for themselves are seeing right through this candidate. She and her husband are, without doubt, political prostitutes.

    As for Obama, again we must be honest with ourselves before we can properly critique him. His voting record in the senate demonstrates a pattern of wishy-washy – don’t dare take a stand LACK of voting that should, by itself, show he is not a leader! He has abstained from so many votes that he should be ashamed to refer to himself as a senator. He was elected to represent his constituency and has failed miserable every time he declined to vote on an issue. What kind of leader does NOTHING in order to “not make a mistake that could come back on him”? Furthermore, and again this requires one to be honest with ones self: he has involved himself for decades with a radical sect of “Americans”, if they can call themselves that. Separatists are probably a better word. His wife is more racially biased than anyone in mainstream politics could ever get away with. Why is she allowed to do this? Are we afraid to call an African American a racist? Pathetic. Wake up Americans!

    John McCain is by no means a perfect candidate. He does, however, often buck the entire system and refuse to toe the party line. He has his own ethical standards and sticks to them more than any other candidate we’ve seen in quite some time. He is experienced in life, politics, and war. He has seen the worst war has to offer. Again, be honest: would this man subject so many people from so many countries to the horrors of war without reasonable cause? No matter who takes over, they will have to deal with extremism and our security and make decisions about how best to use or not to use our military.

    Appeasement has been shown throughout history to be an unlikely resolution in the long run. We don’t speak German and live under tyranny because of the blood of millions of brave souls in the 20th century. Don’t stomp on their graves! Our military is based on a volunteer army. Don’t join without considering the chance of being deployed in a deadly situation. If all you want is free training and college money, but don’t want to offer your life, potentially, for the security of your country STAY OUT OF THE ARMED FORCES.

    Admit to yourself one last thing: it is not, and has never been, humanly possible to peacefully coexist on this planet. Think about it. I certainly don’t have an answer to fix it. I do know that large portions of our national treasure are given out as aid to many, many countries around the globe. America is not a bad country! People didn’t cry about our involvement around the world so much when the big bad Soviet Union posed a threat. If a nuke of any size gets detonated in New York, or most places in this country, you can say goodbye to the American way of life as our financial system will collapse like a deck of cards. We will be worthless. Try and get some money from your investments or bank accounts when the system collapses. No commerce, no money to buy food, looting, bare cupboards and fighting among ourselves for the Darwinian right to survive. Do you think it can’t happen? Just wake up and be an American who supports America. That is the best we can do. Then, together we take our chances living in a dangerous world.

    Michael Richey
    Pasadena, CA

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