Pelosi: Superdelegates should go to popular winner

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just voiced what many political observers have been saying for months: If the superdelegates vote against the candidate who goes into the convention with the most pledged delegates from the state primaries and caucuses, the Democratic Party will be damaged politically.

Pelosi, who made the comments in a taped segment of ABC’s “This Week” as reported by CNN’s Political Ticker, seemed to be saying that she will cast her vote as a superdelegate for the popular leader of the Democratic nominating contests. Currently, that person is Sen. Barack Obama.

According to the AP, Obama currently leads Clinton by about 142 pledged delegates, a lead that would remain in place going into the August convention unless Clinton takes landslide victories in the remaining primaries and caucuses — an unlikely scenario.

Pelosi’s words carry great weight and could influence many of her fellow superdelegates — Democratic members of Congress, state governors and other high-ranking party officials who get their own votes at the convention. Clinton currently leads the superdelegate county, 249-213 according to the AP.

If they follow Pelosi’s lead, the roughly 700 superdelegates in the party would easily tip the nomination toward Obama.


2 thoughts on “Pelosi: Superdelegates should go to popular winner

  1. I dont think this is correct, she would receive all Superdelegates in Cali (66), NY (45), NJ (13) and MASS (26), Ohio (21), Texas (35).

    He would lose superdelegates because he has them in places like Mass and Ohio where she CLEARLY won the popular vote. (i.e Kennedy and Kerry who support him). Best thing for Barack is actually the opposite of Pelosi’s call.

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