Legislature spring break… time for some free trips

The Associated Press reports today that now that the legislature’s “spring break” week has come, delegations of California lawmakers are off on sponsored trips to Spain and Japan.  The Spanish delegation, which includes local Assemblyman Charles Calderon (D-Whittier) is there on a 11-day trip paid for by the California Foundation, which the AP describes thusly:

The California Foundation pays
for airfare, hotels, transportation and some of the meals on the trips
it sponsors. Most of its budget of about $1 million a year comes from
the corporations, labor unions and environmental groups that are
represented on its board of directors.

The trip is meant to study high-speed rail (i.e. ride on it and maybe take a meeting with some rail officials).  The other group, which is going to Japan to study high-speed rail, is the 13th straight legislature group to go there in 13 years.  Last year, legislators, including local Assemblyman Bob Huff (D-Diamond Bar) also went to France to …. you guessed it, study high speed rail.

I guess they must really know a lot about high speed rail now. 

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