“A good day for dog fighters and the ACLU”

Rocky Rushing, the chief of staff for Sen. Ron Calderon, and a very even-keeled guy didn’t sound upset talking about the failure of his boss’s dog-fighting bill, but he had some tough words both the Public Safety committee and the ACLU.

Rushing called it a “good day for dog fighters and the ACLU,” and set the bill was about as dead as the thousands of dogs who die in the fights every year.  Ouch!

His frustration is understandable…. I think anyone’s first reaction to the bill would be to agree to any steps to stop the swine who force dogs to fight for entertainment.  The argument against the bill is equally strong though: any time the government wants the right to confiscate property, people have good reason to be wary.

When I spoke to ACLU, their representative brought up some of the horrors of California’s drug forfeiture laws where police were alleged to have targeted people for drug crimes based on the quality of their possessions.  In one such case, Donald Scott, of Malibu was shot and killed by police in his own home.  They were there to arrest him for drug crimes they did not find evidence of. 

So the issue doesn’t necessarily have an easy answer. 

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