Portantino bill aims for online anonymity

Assemblyman Portantino, D- La Canada, took some heat in recent weeks in some editorial pages, as we noted in this blog, for considering introducing amendments that would help hide salary information for police officers.  The California Newspaper Publisher’s Association, the closest thing we journalists have to a trade group, spoke out against Portantino.

Now Portantino is behind a bill the CNPA is a fan of: AB 2433, which protects the anonymity of web site publishers.  A technique used by some organizations to silence websites is to file lawsuits, or threaten lawsuits against online providers, demanding they reveal the name and/or personal information of the person running the lawsuit.  That threat can be enough to get a web site taken offline, or to silence a blogger….. for an example thumb through this story on the Falun Gong I wrote last December. 

Good to see a bill like this being voted on in the Senate. 

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