The California primary that could have been

Imagine, late May in California, if the primary had not been moved from June 3 to February.  Senators Clinton and Obama stumping up and down the state, Obama looking to put the stamp of victory on his nomination, Senator Clinton to get a big victory to get back in the game.  Pretty exciting, right? 

Maybe not.  Clinton did in fact win a big victory in California in the February 5 primary and she is still well behind Obama.  If you took away the 36 net delegates that Clinton gained here, she would be even further behind, and would need to score an much bigger margin of victory than she did in February to make a big difference.

A recent Field Poll, taken for god only knows what reason, shows that Obama would win a new matchup by 51 percent to 38 percent.  If that were true, the California primary would serve only to confer more legitimacy on Obama.