Field Poll: Calif. gay marriage campaign tightens

SACRAMENTO (AP) _ A new Field Poll finds opponents of the
same-sex marriage ban on Tuesday’s ballot have a 49 percent to 45
percent lead over those who support it.

That’s much closer than in previous surveys of Proposition 8.

just 39 percent of likely California voters support Proposition 7,
which would mandate that utilities use more renewable energy. It’s
opposed by 43 percent.

Proposition 2, a measure to give farm animals more space, leads 60 percent to 27 percent.

The Field Poll says a quarter of voters remain undecided about Proposition 11, the redistricting measure.

poll is based on a random sample of 966 likely voters conducted Oct.
18-28. It has a sampling error rate of plus or minus 3.3 percentage
points for gay marriage and plus or minus 4.6 percentage points for the

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