Children getting to know government…



D.C. has been a virtual playground for children this week, as they come from near and far  to explore the capital, get to know their leaders and bask in the knowledge that they have seen history.

Those that I have talked to are quite well aware of that history.

Take the 59 students from Lakeside Middle School in Norwalk who came to see the inauguration on Tuesday.

“It just goes to show that anyone from any race can be president and do anything,” said Danielle Kreig, 14.

And that seemed to have them tuned in, and concerned about the course of the country and the world.

You could hear it in the questions they asked Rep. Grace Nopalitano Wednesday on the steps of the Capitol.

“What political party are you from?” one asked.

“What made you decide to run for office?”

“How do you think what is happening now will change the economy?”

The congresswoman did her best to answer, touching on everything from the Middle East to the need to stay in school.

For Debbie Kaesbauer, an algebra teacher at Lakeside, it was a difficult experience have to supervise nearly 60 students in the middle of Tuesday’s chaos.

But it can’t replace the abililty for these students to sit back years from now and say they were there for history, she said.

Linda Sanchez, who on Wednesday met with La Serna High School students, was excited to see them in the wake of Tuesday’s events.

“It’s an amazing opportunity when kids can witness events that will some day be printed in history books,” she said. “I was proud to host them today and answer some insightful questions on congress, what a congresswoman does, and explain some of my policy positions.”












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