Getting back in the swing of things…





It’s the economy…

That’s the focus as local legislators get into the swing of things in the wake of Tuesday’s inauguration.

President Obama’s economic stimulus plan will be at the top of the agenda here, and some local legislators are already pitching their ideas.

How those ideas play out will determine much of the success for the Obama administration, Rep. Adam Schiff said.

“Ninety-percent of what he needs to do is help turn around the economy,” he said. “If he can’t do that, then we’re all going to be in the embrace of a long experience.”

Rep. David Dreier’s focus for revamping the economy consists of a mixture of tax cuts, incentives for home and car buyers.

Rep. Grace Nopalitano’s focus has been on making sure any stimulus plan provides for community development funds that help revamp social services and money that get shovel-ready projects going.

Others, using their new positions on Capitol Hill, are hoping to be more pursuasive in getting those projects going back home.

“We have hit the ground running in the 111th Congress, facing enormous challenges as well as great opportunities, said Rep. Linda Sanchez. “This session I hope to accomplish many things, most importantly of which is an economic stimulus plan that will work for working families.  My new role on the influential Ways and Means Committee will allow me to play a more direct role in developing such a plan.”

We’ll see. The GOP is pushing back on parts of Obama’s $825 billion spending plan to revamp the economy.

But hopefully, with all this time meeting with constituents this week, legislators got the message loud and clear that they need to get substantial work done.

In the photo above, Schiff, right, chats with Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, center, and his son, Joe, left.









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