Challengers Yu and Chavez upset Temple City incumbents

Here are Temple City’s City Council election results, with only provisional ballots not yet counted. Ken Gillanders and Cathe Wilson were running for re-election.

Vincent Yu 1791
Tom Chavez 1395
Chuck Souder 1077
Ken Gillanders 687
Cathe Wilson 673
Silenus Ong 381

8 thoughts on “Challengers Yu and Chavez upset Temple City incumbents

  1. It is over for Wilson. The fat lady has sung. “Victory and Justice” will return to city hall once again. The voters have spoken!

  2. Now the city might allow the Piazza project to be built without forcing the developer to pay off its councilmembers!

  3. Congratulations to Vincent Yu and Tom Chavez.
    Temple City has relieved themselves of 2 stale and stagnant, ineffective councilpersons.
    With Yu and Chavez come a fresh vision and renewed vigor that the citizens of Temple City will be able to rely on to govern with open, honest, and transparent stewardship.

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