Dogfight in Rosemead council race

The race for three seats on the Rosemead City Council looks like it could come down to the wire.


With absentee votes and all but two precincts counted:

Sandra Armenta 1372

Margaret Clark 1451

John Nunez 1037

John Tran 1344

Henry Lo 1219

Steven Ly 1364

9 thoughts on “Dogfight in Rosemead council race

  1. Thank you all that voted in your infinate wisdom for:

    Margaret Clark
    Sandra Armenta
    Steven Ly

    I remember when I voted in my first city election, decades ago. (not in Rosemead) It was the first time all incumbents were boosted out of their seats.

  2. Rosemead will once again become the joke of the SG Valley. All chances of becoming a quality city are now over. The do nothing city council of the past 20 years is now in power. The addition of Armenta and Ly, who have absolutely NO experience or insight, will quarantee that Clark and Taylor will continue their do nothing philosophy for the next four years. The accomplishments that Tran, Nunez, and Low have achieved in the past two years is all but over. I hope you misinformed voters will be happy as Rosemead reverts back to the graffiti ridden, diry, lackluster city it was in the past.

  3. Let us hope that Rosemead does not revert back to twenty years of doing nothing maybe the new council members as well as old will keep up the progress in the city! Remember Margaret and Gary this is not Mayberry RFD and we come from all walks of life in Rosemead! I personally hope that you do listen to the voters and do not make a mockery of council meetings with bickering amongst eachother! As far as John Nunez don’t let the door… well you know the rest!!!! Should have stepped down when you had the chance dude!

    We are watching you guys!!!

  4. I would hope that now is the time to stand behind the newly elected city leaders and stop being so negative. You guys know who you are. Enough with the put-downs and get involved.Give these people a chance before you bash them, and if you still dont agree with the job they’re doing…then move out of town. Be Optimistic for crying outloud and grow up!!!!!!

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