Experience rules the day in San Dimas, Nasmyth ahead in La Verne

SAN DIMAS — Less than 10 percent of the city’s registered voters showed up at the polls Tuesday, and when all the ballots were counted, a pair of incumbents appeared headed back to office Tuesday, according to unofficial results.
San Dimas and La Verne officials watched vote tallies for their respective cities take place Tuesday night in La Verne City Hall as a cost-saving measure.
In San Dimas, incumbent Jeff Templeton led all City Council candidates with 1,844 votes. Fellow incumbent Denis Bertone followed with 1,815 votes, officials said.
Challenger Sid Maksoudian, a liquor store owner who has challenged City Hall on several zoning issues, tallied 338 votes.
Kevin Kenny and Jeremy Kahn brought up the rear with 359 votes and 168 votes respectively, according to an unofficial tally provided by the City Clerks office Tuesday.
Mayor Curtis Morris cruised to victory unopposed with 1095 votes on early ballots, officials said.
The situation in La Verne was similar — Dan Kendrick ran unopposed and picked up 2,651 votes. In the race for City Council, Robin Carder had 1,375 votes; Norm Faustini, 895; Donna Nasmyth, 1,968; and Charlie Rosales 1,327, according to unofficial results provided by the City Clerk’s office Tuesday night.
Bertone, who was first elected to the San Dimas City Council in 1988, campaigned on a platform of fiscal responsibility and streamlining the process of doing business in San Dimas for business owners.
He said he would like to preserve the city’s budget reserves of $18-20 million through the next four years.
Bertone cited nature preservation and working with local schools as his top priorities.
Jeff Templeman, a councilman since 1996, said during his campaign that he would would oppose stringent regulations for local businesses and work hard to attract new businesses to San Dimas.

2 thoughts on “Experience rules the day in San Dimas, Nasmyth ahead in La Verne

  1. Hooray for the results for San Dimas. As a San Dimas resident for 15 years, I am very pleased with our city council and I am thrilled there will be no changes. Keep up the good work men!!

  2. Gary Enderele was unable to muster enough forces to get his slate elected. With Sid as his proxy it’s clear that the citizens of San Dimas are content with experience, versus change for changes sake.

    Jeff and Denis have the true interests of San Dimas at heart.

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