Hanks, Gonzales keep seats in Azusa

AZUSA — Voters returned the city’s incumbents to to two council seats Tuesday night.
Incumbents Keith Hanks and Robert Gonzales held the lead with only provisional ballots left to count Tuesday night. Gonzales had 1,338 votes, while Hanks had 1,141.
The were trailed by challengers Ed Alvarez, 1,025 votes; Paul Naccachian, 828 votes; and Nick Rosales, 426 votes.
“I’m very proud of my campaign and the team I put together,” Gonzales said. “The great people of this city saw my work ethic, saw I work hard for the people of the city, and they rewarded me by entrusting me with their vote, and that’s huge.”
Hanks expressed gratitude to voters that returned him to the council.
“I’m happy,” he said. “My three primary goals are to work to bring Target, bring the Goldline (extension), and to work to keep our electrical rates down.”
Other issues on the table included mining in the foothills by Vulcan Materials Co., local business development and eminent domain.
Opponents said they felt the business climate in Azusa is not friendly enough and cited the lack of grocery stores and shopping venues.
“We don’t have the markets necessary for people to shop, and the retail base has not kept up with the rest of the San Gabriel Valley community,” said Naccachian, a first-time candidate and business owner. “I just wanted to create a more proactive council to approach the needs of the city.”
Both Gonzales and Hanks said they wanted to continue to work toward redeveloping the city’s downtown and bringing in a Target store.
Hanks, an engineer for the city of Los Angeles, won his first council seat in a 2005 election.
Gonzales, an insurance consultant for State Farm Insurance, was appointed in 2007 to fill an unexpired seat vacated by Joe Rocha, who was elected mayor.
Rocha ran unchallenged as mayor. Vera Mendoza defended her position as City Clerk against Art Morales, while Marcene Hamilton, a CPA, was set to take over as City Treasurer.

12 thoughts on “Hanks, Gonzales keep seats in Azusa

  1. Azusa finally got it right. Overkill on lawn signs backfired. Congratulations Marcene Hamiliton on your win and your campaign.

  2. Congrat’s to Gonzales and Hanks. Azusa didn’t need Alvarez and his Queen B Wife and her rebel-rousing elitist attitude!!!

    Don’t believe, go and see what she’s done at St Frances of Rome School!!

  3. Agree! there was overkill with the Vasquez lawn signs. Congrats to Hamilton, for not having to go overboard with lawn signs and retaining her seat.
    As far as Hanks & Gonzales go?? I believe they have received $$$$$ from Vulcan Materials and somehow were able to keep their seats because of this?? STOP THE MINING in our FOOTHILLS!!!!!!

  4. There is no need for this kind of remark:
    “Azusa didn’t need Alvarez and his Queen B Wife and her rebel-rousing elitist attitude!!!”

    I kind of wish Rosales would have come out with his campaign flyer earlier and should have spoke up and let people hear more of his plan to change Azusa. After getting the mailing on Saturday; I was going to vote for Rosales; but I had already made my choices for council: Alvarez-Gonzales.

  5. In this time of economic crisis, I am so happy we have retained a Treasurer who understands the system and can help us not have the same problems as many other cities in this area. Congratulations to Marcene.

  6. Gonzales says he has a work ethic and works hard and has
    been rewarded.

    The bad part is how much damage he has done and will continue to do. Chasing long time business owner Johnny Cortez out of town is unforgiveable. That family was doing business before he was even born.

    Same with Hanks, all he does is attend those ICSC conferences where he basically offers land to chain retailers, which he has no right to do. I wish I could sell his house out from under him too. I am sure that would be an improvement for the city of Azusa- anyone see Hanks house? There is some work for Code enforcement to get busy on- keep ’em busy for days writing up THAT blight.

  7. It is a sad day when the people of Azusa elect a council member not on his qualifications and education, but by a popular vote. It’s no wonder the city is so behind the times. I see all the surrounding cities growing, and yet Azusa still is stuck in a time zone. Let’s wait and see what this council can do in 4 years.

  8. Azusa residents need to wake up and get more involved in their local politics. The City does not need elected officials who are good with the lip service, telling us whatever it is they think we want to hear, have no related experience for the job or education beyond a high school diploma.

    This is NOT a popularity contest folks. In these economic times and with all the critical issues Azusa will be dealing with in the coming years, we owe it to ourselves to have experienced, educated, bright individuals to lead our city.

  9. alvarez, and paul would been better for azusa, the mayor and council we have now have removed so many business’s from our once thriving city including several markets, and left dirt, or parking lots behind!
    what’s next, charlie brown

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