Judy Chu dominates vote by mail ballots

State Board of Equalization member Judy Chu took an early lead in the race to replace Hilda Solis and represent the 32nd Congressional District.

Twenty minutes after the polls closed, with ten percent of polls reporting — mostly vote by mail ballots – Judy Chu had 42 percent of the vote.


State Sen. Gil Cedillo, considered her main Democratic rival, had 17 percent.

Republican Betty Tom Chu, a Monterey Park City Councilwoman, had 13 percent; followed by 26-year-old Democratic Emanuel Pleitez, a financial analyst, with 8 percent; Republican Teresa Hernandez, a restaurant owner, with 8 percent; and Republican David Truax, a former mayor of Covina, with 7 percent.

If no single candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top vote-getters from each party move on to the general election on July 14.

2 thoughts on “Judy Chu dominates vote by mail ballots

  1. so much for the latinos supporting one of their
    , own, and in a latino district. we were right to suspect that solis was never one of us, but she has been that kind of worm from the start, enjoy, your old friend. that goes for the 3 mousekateers and mayor on the azusa city council, too bad we can not include hanks

  2. So much for racist Latinos thinking they could appeal to fellow racist Latinos in electing “one of their own.” Instead, rurpise, surprise, Latinos voted for the better, cleaner candidate.

    Congratulations, Judy! Congratulations, voters of the 32nd Congressional District!

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