Garcia, Acosta-Salazar and Shapiro win seats on Rio Hondo College board

Incumbent Angela Acosta-Salazar, as well as Norma Edith Garcia and Madeline Shapiro, have succeeded in their bid to win one of three open seats on the Rio Hondo College board of trustees.

In the race for the Area 1 seat, which covers the city of El Monte, Garcia bested opponent David Siegrist for the seat currently held by Andre Quintero, who was elected as El Monte mayor in Tuesday’s election.

Garcia won 59 percent of the vote — or 2,318 ballots — while Siegrist, a former Rio trustee, won 41 percent of the vote, or 1,611 ballots.

In the race for the Area 3 seat, which covers the city of Whittier and South El Monte, incumbent Acosta-Salazar easily won re-election with nearly 60 percent of the vote, or 1,923 ballots cast in her favor. Challenger Crystal Chavez received 1,289 ballots, or abot 40 percent of the vote.

In the race for the Area 5 seat, which covers East Whittier, Madeline Shapiro bested a bid  by former Rio trustee Michelle Yanez-Jiminez in Tuesday’s election. Shapiro got 2,109 votes, or about 57 percent of the vote, while Yanez-Jiminez received 1,582 votes, or 42 percent of the vote.

2 thoughts on “Garcia, Acosta-Salazar and Shapiro win seats on Rio Hondo College board

  1. As I said before, “May the best woman win!” I guess when you tell the truth and not lie about you get the seat. He forgot how much the employees at Rio Hondo dislike and distrusted him. Had there been a third candidate for this seat, he would have come in last place with less than 10 percent of the votes. Stay out of politics Mr. Siegriest, so you’ll stop lossing so many elections. LOL

  2. Very Proud as Part of The Service Employe’s Internation Union ( S.E.I.U. ) SOULA 2006 ( Security Officers Union Members of Greater Los Angeles )that came down to El Monte to Help out Norma with her Campaign… ” When we Fight… we Win… ” “SI SE PUEDE”

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