Macias, Quintero, Gomez land seats in El Monte

Andre Quintero will be the next mayor
of El Monte and Norma Macias will have a seat on the city council.
The two candidates, who were heavily backed by city unions, dominated
in the city’s election.

The second city council seat up for
grabs will go to incumbent councilman Juventino “J” Gomez who
edged out Planning Commissioner Richard Garner by just 75 votes.

The other incumbent, Councilman Art
Barrios, came in fourth, more than 200 votes behind.

Despite an early lead that had him in
second place, Kien Lam came in fifth, followed by former city
employee Angel Ralph Nunez.

In the mayoral race, Quintero won
nearly 2,000 more votes than incumbent Mayor Ernie Gutierrez.

And in the treasurer and city clerk
races, both incumbents won.

Here is the vote breakdown.

City Council

Norma Macias 2,790
votes 30.05 percent

Juventino Gomez 1,590 votes 17.13

Richard Garnder 1,515 votes 16.32

Art Barrios 1,379 votes 14.85 percent

Kien Lam 1,280 votes 13.79 percent

Angel Ralph Nunez 730 votes 7.86


Andre Quintero 3,621 votes 67.48

Ernie Gutierrez 1,745 votes 32.52

City Clerk

Lorene Gutierrez 2,604 votes 57.07

Bharat Patel 1,959 votes 42.93 percent


Henry Velasco 2,491 votes 54.51 percent

Richard Thomas 2,079 votes 45.49

9 thoughts on “Macias, Quintero, Gomez land seats in El Monte

  1. Thank you to the voters who elected me as your new Councilwoman yesterday. I am deeply honored and glad you realize that if the City of El Monte acts on the agenda of the El Monte Police Officers Association, of which I was endorsed, that our city could rise from the recent economic downturn. When the El Monte Police Officers Association endorsed me I knew if I elected I would act on the best interest of the Union and the El Monte voters. Once again I am glad you chose both me and another El Monte Police Officers Association friend, our new Mayor Andre Quintero. If you the people side with both of us and the El Monte Police Officers Association, we will bring El Monte back to a economically healthy state. You made the right choice and I encourage you come to my swearing-in on November 17, 2009, in the El Monte City Hall Chamber.


    Norma Macias
    Councilwoman of the City of El Monte

  2. Residents of El Monte did not really want to see any changes happen, because they all voted for the people that are been controlled just like the ousted were. Sorry, but that is my opinion.

  3. Hey EMF,

    Do your initials stand for Eternally Mentally Fried?

    Police cartels? “Fire Whinners”? You’ve got to be nuts.

    You lose 30 cops and a fire station in town and you don’t think that’s a problem.

    You have one of the largest tax bases in the county with Longo Toyota (#1 U.S. Toyota dealer for 42 years) and Longo Lexus (#1 in U.S. for 19 years) and your present council pisses away ALL the city money!

    You are $15-million in the hole! That’s a bigger hole than the one in your head.

    If you bothered to follow Norma’s campaign, you would know she is a highly educated and intelligent (Masters Degree) professional (architect) who brings more business experience than the other council members combined.

    El Monte deserved – no, it DEMANDED – a change for the better and now you’ll have it. Yes, El Monte has its problems, but NO city these days is free of problems.
    Yet, your council chose to lay off your cops and firemen and gave you an extra day of trash pick-up in exchange.

    Now El Monte voters have put the old way of operating the council in the trash where it belongs! At least now, with Norma, Jay, and the new Mayor, you have a majority that can make tough decisions and make El Monte a better place.

    Go Norma! She kicked MAJOR booty!

  4. Unfinished business is left over from Ernie Guttierez. Maura Solano daughter of Graciela Solano (Ernie Guttierez Girlfriend) is working for the El Monte Police Department either as a volunteer or a paid cadet. This is a liability issue for the City Of El Monte, the reason being is that Ms Maura Solano is undocumented and an illegal immigrant who has access to delicate information. How she got her position don’t know but maybe we should ask her new stepdad Mayor Ernie Guttierez.

  5. Dear El Monte Voters,

    Thank you for electing me as your new Councilwoman. I will fight for you and the Unions who endorsed me to win our city the jobs it deserves. I know all of you are angry I accepted money from the El Monte Police Officers Association but, it was necessary and you’ll soon come to find they have the best knowledge to make me do the policies they see best fit. I know it sounds strange but remember that I will also represent you the El Monte citizen. I invite you to my swearing in ceremony November 17th, in the city hall chambers. You all helped me in my campaign and I’ll make sure I serve the hard working unions, and the people of El Monte.

    Norma Macias

  6. Just because a person has a degree it does not mean that she deserved to be elected, we are talking about the state that El Monte is in, not degrees. If she really thought it over, would she really want to be a puppet and instead stand on her own and think for herself? There certainly is no merit there. The words “actions speak louder than words” is what El Monte needs and the citizens deserve. It just basically means that the people that voted for the 3 winners are not ready to see this city get out of debt,and instead continue the way it used to be. Remember the unions that endorsed them, can turn on them so fast that they won’t know what hit them once they defy what and how the unions want things to go, Their Way. Think about that.

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