Role Reversal: One Bassett Unified school board winner goes from employee to boss

Art Sandoval had a wild night.

In the race for a seat on the Bassett Unified School District, his election day started with the superintendent of schools Jim Ballard – also his boss as Sandoval teaches in the district – calling the police to have him removed from a polling place for intimidating voters.

Sandoval was later vindicated as candidates are allowed to visit polls to check voter turnout.

Then, as the first results came in, Sandoval was behind.

But as the official results came in, Sandoval ended up winning a seat on the school board along with challenger Victoria Medina who ran on the same slate. Incumbent Paul Solano retained his seat, but incumbent Robert Fuentes was ousted.

“I am excited I was elected,” Sandoval said. “The community believes in me and is confident I will deliver.”

The stress of dealing with the issues on election day, the campaign itself, victory, and his school work studying for a master’s in education at Azusa Pacific University has weighed on Sandoval. He went home sick from work Wednesday and said his body needs to reenergize.

Once it does, Sandoval has a lot of work ahead. He will be forced to resign his job as a seventh grade language arts and social studies teacher for Bassett Unified as he can’t teach in the district and be a school board member.

He also has to start to build a working relationship with the superintendent, the person who supported the incumbents, called the police on Sandoval on election day, and is still his boss. Now Sandoval is Ballard’s boss.

“I don’t have ill thoughts toward anybody,” Sandoval said. “I don’t believe in vendettas. I am on a peace mission. I love my community too much.”

9 thoughts on “Role Reversal: One Bassett Unified school board winner goes from employee to boss

  1. Art, Remember who you are dealing with. Ballard will never forget what he said to you and you should not. Had you lost on Tuesday, do you think he would have backed off? He would have gone for your throat.

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