Condoleezza Rice endorses Whitman

Former Secretary of State Condeleezza Rice announced her support for gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman today.

Rice called Whitman a “proven leader.”

From Whitman’s news release:

“California is my home and there is only one
person running for Governor who can lead the way toward rebuilding our
state,” Rice said. “In my experiences in and out of government, I find
the most effective leaders to be those who maintain a clear vision,
mobilize diverse groups, and inspire them to work together in
confronting the most pressing challenges. That is why I am supporting
Meg Whitman. She is a proven leader who developed a small start-up
company into a global economic powerhouse and encouraged
entrepreneurialism at all levels of society. Meg will do what is needed
to get California back on track.”

am honored to receive Condoleezza Rice’s endorsement,” Whitman said.
“For years I’ve admired Condoleezza for her passion for spreading
democracy around the world and her long commitment to serving our
nation. She is truly a model for leadership.”

is currently a professor of political science at Stanford University
and the Thomas and Barbara Stephenson Senior Fellow on Public Policy at
the Hoover Institution, a research center devoted to advanced study of
politics, economics and political economy as well as international


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