Mountjoy endorses Poizner for Governor

Former state senator and Monrovia mayor Richard Mountjoy is giving his endorsement to Steve Poizner for governor, the candidate’s camp announced today.

Mountjoy was the 2006 Republican nominee for
the U.S. Senate, the mayor of Monrovia from 1968-1976, state assemblyman from 1978-1995 and state senator from 1995-2000. 

Mountjoy was also the author of Proposition 187, which limited undocumented immigrants access to state services, and cited that as one reason for giving his support to Poizner.

From the news release:

intend to vote for Steve Poizner for Governor in this important
election.  As the Author of Prop 187, I am outraged that Meg Whitman
has said on record numerous times that she opposes Prop 187.  It is
unacceptable for a candidate of our party,” said Mountjoy.  “Steve
Poizner has been a steadfast leader in our party and is the only
candidate who will fight to end public funding of abortion.  Steve
Poizner has proven he can slay the beast of government spending.  He
cut spending at the Department of Insurance by 15%, and he will bring
that same determination to the Governor’s office.”

vast majority of conservative leaders in California have rallied behind
Steve Poizner, including Governor George Deukmejian, CA Americans for
Prosperity Chairman Peter Foy, former CRA President Mike Spence, Ward
Connerly, Orange County GOP Chairman Emeritus Tom Fuentes, Orange
County Supervisor Pat Bates, President of the National Tax Limitation
Committee Lew Uhler, and eight former Chairs of the California
Republican Party.

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