Poll: Whitman leads both Poizner and Brown

Meg Whitman’s year of campaigning for
governor seems to be doing the trick.

According to the latest Field
Poll results released today, the former eBay CEO holds a huge 49-point lead over
her GOP rival Steve Poizner in the Republican primary and a three-point lead over Democrat
Attorney General Jerry Brown in a general election matchup.

The poll results:

Last January The Field Poll found
Whitman leading Poizner by twenty-eight points – 45% to 17%, with
38% of likely voters undecided.

Now, in a survey completed this week,
Whitman’s lead has grown to forty-nine points – 63% to 14%. Those
who are undecided or favor other candidates amounts to 23%.

Last October Whitman trailed Brown by
twenty-one points. In January she had cut Brown’s lead in half to
ten points. Whitman’s upward trend in support has continued to
where she now holds a three-point lead over Brown – 46% to 43% –
among likely voters in this November’s general election.

Brown continues to hold a large
preference lead over Poizner in a general election match-up. In this
setting Brown is preferred by 49% while 32% choose Poizner, similar
to what was found last January.

Check out the full results at


2 thoughts on “Poll: Whitman leads both Poizner and Brown

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