Poizner launches ad targeting undocumented immigrants

Gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner
continues to frame himself as the anti-undocumented immigrant

Tomorrow he’ll start running a
30-second ad blasting the estimated 2.6 million undocumented
immigrants living in California for the toll they take on the state’s
budget and economy.

Poizner’s immigration platform

  • Cutting taxpayer-funded benefits
    to undocuments mmigrants, including ending in-state tuition for
    undocumented immigrants at state colleges and universities

  • Holding employers responsible for
    following the law, including revoking business licenses from
    businesses that knowingly hire undocumented immigrants

  • Ending sanctuary city practices,
    including reporting all undocumented immigrants arrested for
    criminal activity to federal immigration authorities.

  • Securing borders, including
    creating a multi-state national guard partnership

Immigrant rights advocates are none too
pleased with the new ad. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los
Angeles (CHIRLA) executive director Angelica Salas released this statement: 

“Newsflash to California
gubernatorial candidate Stephen Poizner: more than forty-five percent
of the residents in the Golden State are immigrant and they live in
virtually all 58 counties. More than sixty percent of students in the
Los Angeles Unified School District are sons and daughters of
immigrants and U.S. citizens. Immigrants comprise one-third of the
labor force and through their entrepreneurial spirit have created
72,839 jobs and generated more than $19.5 billion in sales in

The next leader in California must be
willing and able to unite Californians during tough times not divide
them by pitting one population against another. The next leader in
California must know that under federal and state mandate all
children have the right to receive an education for the benefit and
well being of our society. The next leader in California must care
about the state’s history of immigration and must be aware that
undocumented immigrants do not qualify for many social and medical
services they are accused of overwhelming.

Candidates like Stephen Poizner must
lead forward not take us back to a time we fought long and hard to
leave behind. Poizner must fully understand and learn about the state
he is interested in governing before he decides to take one more step
towards his own defeat.”

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