Whitman spends $27.2 million on campaign in three months

In case you missed it, billionaire candidate Meg Whitman is shattering campaign spending records – spending $27.2 million in the first 11 weeks of this year alone.

Combined with the $19.4 million she spent last year, that’s a total of 46.6 million, and the primary is still more than two months away. All but some $8 million of that came from her own pocket, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting.

And with only $4.5 million on hand, she is probably going to have to cut herself another check soon, the paper reports.

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4 thoughts on “Whitman spends $27.2 million on campaign in three months

  1. The only special interest groups that she has to answer too is herself and her voters. Jerry Brown is bankrolled primarily by state employee and teachers unions.

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