Reform haters have tea party in Rep. Schiff’s toilet

In an act of total defiance against health care reform, an opponent filled a toilet in Rep. Adam Schiff’s Pasadena office with tea bags, causing it to overflow.

While some Democrats who voted in favor of health care reform have faced serious threats and vandalism from opponents of the legislation, Schiff called the act of opposition in his office “downright silly.”

“It was a minor nuisance,” he said.

Schiff said the “vast majority” of correspondence and calls to his office have been thoughtful and respectful in tone.

“There have been exceptions, some have been
downright vile, racist, others have been vaguely threatening – you
are going to pay in more ways the one kind of language, but nothing I
consider a security issue… and those are the aberrations.”

Still, Schiff said he is concerned
about the nationwide tone that has “gone from bad to worse” since
the vote.

“It’s been a gradual degradation of
the civil dialogue of the last several years, where people feel like
it’s okay to say anything when they are in opposition to a point of
view. You see it on the House floor – people calling the president
‘liar’ and yelling ‘baby killer’ and outside, with people spitting on
members of Congress, and yelling racial epithets,” Schiff said.

“Everyone needs to take a deep breath
and remember what this country was founded on: an ideal of
competition in the marketplace of ideas,” he continued.

11 thoughts on “Reform haters have tea party in Rep. Schiff’s toilet

  1. I’d say “haters” is a pretty understated term for any halfwit jackhole who would stuff a congressman’s toilet full of teabags.

  2. I’d have to agree with “Bozo Bob” in this one. I encourage government dissenters but when it becomes vile and offensive it has crossed the line of just purely “dissenting” it becomes outright intolerable and evil. Hate the health care bill? Talk about, let people know, protest peacefully…do NOT threaten, yell out racial slurs or offensive statements, or, in simpler terms, act like a moron that puts this country to shame.

  3. Filling a toilet is silly, voting out leftist Pelosibots is not.

    Schiff is all for the taxpayer subsidized ‘robust public option’ designed to undercut HMO’s insurance providers, etc and to ultimately reach the progressives’ utopian goal of single payer government health care. Of course our system will not be anything like Canada’s or Britain’s. Those systems do not have runaway fraud, tort abuse, affirmative action doctors, redistribution of wealth, redistribution of health care to deadbeats and illegals, guaranteed huge cost overruns (parameters were totally cooked to make the numbers look halfway decent), massive government bureaucracy, etc, like ours will.

    Schiff is all for Pelosi’s far left agenda, to quote her loosely, ‘after we kick down this door, we are just starting’. We need to vote this and other far left progressive OUT!

  4. I don’t know why everybody is so shocked or concerned with the vocabulary or todays times. . .look at what hollywood has produced in recent years. . .whatever happened to comments like:


    instead of
    U m-f’er, s-o-b, ect. . .

    what ever happen to creative articulation

  5. “Gradual degradation of the civil dialogue” is sure a nice way of putting it.

    Merry Pranksters? No, the Merry Pranksters were intelligent satirists who loved freedom and liberty. This kind of tripe is put-up by megalomaniacs like Andrew Breitbart. Portraying the Tea-baggers as grass roots is a sham. It’s all ultra-right wind maneuvering. Money talks. Blah, blah, blah. So boring. It’s just that there are a lot of people unsophisticated and ignorant enough to accept their blather as intelligent reasoning.

  6. Rep. Schiff, Thanks for voting for Health Care Insurance reform. It doesn’t go far enough, of course. Single payer would be best. That’s hard to achieve with all the opposition though. Somehow other countries make single payer work and they pay less per capita than we do.
    For your vote, I thank you.

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