Candidates for state superintendent debate

Folks with a keen interest in the race
for state superintendent for public instruction, and with a free
Friday night should check out what will likely be a lively debate
between the candidates.

The debate will actually take place
Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Sacramento Convention Center.
However, it will be taped and broadcast at 7 p.m. that night on the California

Sen. Gloria Romero and Assemblyman Tom
Torlakson will face off in the debate, and controversial education
reforms backed by President Barack Obama are likely to take center
stage. Romero is for them; Torlakson is not.

Former school superintendent Larry
Aceves and teacher Diane Lenning will also participate in the debate.

The debate is co-sponsored by California’s PTA and the
League of Women Voters of California Education Fund.

If you don’t catch the Friday night
showing, visit
for a rebroadcast schedule.

Whitman beats out all other governors

In the race to spend personal money on
gubernatorial campaigns, Meg Whitman is beating every other person
who ran for governor in the country in 2007 and 2008. Combined. By

California Watch has an interesting
look at the historic extent of Whitman’s spending, based on a study
by the National Institute on Money in State Politics. She announced
this week she would give her campaign another $20 million, bringing
her self donations to $59 million.

Check out California Watch’s story

Republican Party should keep its day job

The California Republican Party attempted to get some digs in on Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown today as he celebrates his 72nd birthday. A few of the intended quips come close to the mark, most, not so much.

The list:



(A Top 10 list so inside…it’s


10. Watching “Matlock” reruns with
my union buddies.


9. Asking Gray Davis to pick up my
laundry, you know, like the good old days.


8. Checking FPPC reports to see how
much John Burton spent on my “Grumpy Old Men” DVD set.


7. Expressing a transcendent political
philosophy that creates an alternate reality for California’s
degenerative economic system. At least that’s what my guru says.


6. Challenging that guy to a
chin-up contest.


5. Listening to audio version of
The Power of Many ’cause I secretly dig the way Meg says,


4. Jacques Barzaghi stopping by–we’re
gonna party like it’s 1979!


3. Raising money by selling my
autographed Linda Ronstadt albums on eBay. 


2. Changing my Facebook status to
“Jerry Brown is…suing you for violating your FarmVille expansion


1. Switching my campaign insurance to