Cheney endorses Whitman

“Meg Whitman can do for California
what Ronald Reagan did for America,” or so claims former Vice
President Dick Cheney, who announced his support over the weekend for
GOP gubernatorial candidate Whitman.

In an editorial in the Orange County Register, Cheney also questioned the conservative
bona fides of her Republican rival, Steve Poizner, and said “Meg
Whitman is the Republican the Democrats fear the most in this

More excerpts:

Meg is a leader who will not shy away
from confronting the public employee unions. She has put pension
reform at the center of her agenda. She is a firm believer in the
power of tax cuts to strengthen small businesses and create jobs. She
knows that welfare must be a temporary hand-up and not a way of life.
She is committed to local control of education, and she has a strong
and practical approach to securing the border and addressing the
problems associated with illegal immigration…

I have come to know her better, I have been reminded of another great
leader from California. As a young congressman from Wyoming in the
1980s, I was an unabashed foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. I
saw an inspirational leader lift the nation out of the malaise left
behind by Jimmy Carter’s liberalism. I believe Meg Whitman can do for
California what Ronald Reagan did for America.

While I
am always mindful of President Reagan’s 11th Commandment, there are
issues of judgment that voters should consider before they cast their
ballots in the Republican primary. I admire the success that Steve
Poizner has had in the private sector and believe his commitment to
public service is sincere. But I have concerns about whether he truly
adheres to the conservative principles of our party.

He also
broke ranks with our party on national security and the “war on
terror.” Mr. Poizner opposed the war in Iraq. To amplify his
opposition to the national security policies of the Bush
administration, he invited Richard Clarke to campaign for him in

At the time, Mr. Clarke, a former staff member of
the National Security Council, was making the rounds on cable
television to market a book that blamed the Bush administration for
mismanaging the terrorist threat and enabling the Sept. 11 attacks
against our nation. There was a clear purpose behind the Clarke
campaign visit. Mr. Poizner was breaking from the Bush-Cheney ticket
and our policy goals because he thought it helped his political

3 thoughts on “Cheney endorses Whitman

  1. Thanks, Dick for helping me make my decision. The more I hear about Poizner, the more I like him. Here’s a guy who has ACTUALLY BEEN a registered voter and has voted regularly and faithfully…now THAT’S what a Republican should be all about. And any guy that stood against the decision to go into Iraq when it was unpopular to do so (I myself did not oppose the war at the time) – has got some guts, and probably good instincts. And finally, anyone that you personally like, Dick – has got to have some problems. By the way, I voted for George BOTH times and am not ashamed of it, but if I could have left YOU off the ticket I would have.

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