Republicans dominate in Virginia — may take New Jersey

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans wrested Virginia from the Democrats Tuesday in a one-sided sweep of top offices, and New Jersey’s unpopular Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine fought for his political life as independent voters swung behind the GOP in elections in both states. It was a troubling sign for President Barack Obama and his party heading into an important midterm election year.

Conservative Republican Bob McDonnell’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race over Democrat R. Creigh Deeds was a triumph for a GOP looking to rebuild after being booted from power in national elections in 2006 and 2008. It also was a setback for the White House in a swing state that was a crucial part of Obama’s electoral landslide just a year ago.

In New Jersey, the early vote count showed Republican challenger Chris Christie leading Democrat Corzine. Exit polls showed independents heavily favoring Christie.

Voters in both Virginia and New Jersey said their top concern was the economy.

Glendora results live

The city clerk is posting live results through the night. Here’s the latest count:

Murabito Davis Pagac Parisi Tweini   YES NO
VBM 1 Fire Station #151 116 112 13 54 28   109 46
4 Hacienda Mobile Park 74 89 13 42 20   78 42
7 Goddard Middle School 208 207 20 63 33   194 61
9 Masonic Temple  194 183 19 37 37   180 54
10 Grace Episcopal Church 146 156 27 60 40   131 69
12 Whitcomb High School 108 108 26 85 24   108 63
16 Grace Lutheran Church  122 132 13 51 28   118 57
18 Christian Credit Union 173 171 30 60 37   173 54
25 Grace Church of Glendora  70 74 28 71 32   89 51
26 Fire Station #85 87 69 24 83 34   86 62
Vote by Mail (VBM) Totals 1298 1301 213 606 313   1266 559
Murabito Davis Pagac Parisi Tweini   YES NO
PRECINCTS 1 Fire Station #151 151 178 17 80 33   171 53
4 Hacienda Mobile Park 87 88 13 44 20   89 33
7 Goddard Middle School 255 237 10 50 47   217 63
9 Masonic Temple  282 267 17 53 58   250 80
10 Grace Episcopal Church 201 223 11 57 52   205 57
12 Whitcomb High School 0 0 0 0 0   0 0
16 Grace Lutheran Church  180 186 15 93 43   173 89
18 Christian Credit Union 0 0 0 0 0   0 0
25 Grace Church of Glendora  0 0 0 0 0   0 0
26 Fire Station #85 90 102 24 137 45   129 83
Precinct Totals 1246 1281 107 514 298   1234 458
Semi-Official Results 2544 2582 320 1120 611   2500 1017

Glendora update

Glendora early City Council results (absentee ballots) (two open seats):

Glen Murabito: 1,298

Karen Davis: 1,301

Brian Pagac: 213

Kristin Parisi: 606

Yousef “Joseph” Tweini: 313


Measure C, yes : 1266

Measure C, no: 559

If the results hold, it appears there will be no change in the status quo in Glendora. The city Clerk’s office expects updated results about 9:30 p.m.

Taking stock of the House of Representatives

This from another a.m. press release — touting Democratic gains in the House of Representatives:

Thank you for your support of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the DCCC, and Barack Obama! It appears the new House will be 258:176 (a net gain of 23 seats). A special Election will be held on November 18, 2008 to fill the vacancy of the late Stephanie Tubbs Jones.
Here are 9 Republican incumbents we have beaten:

Betsy Markey unseated Colorado Rep. Marilyn Musgrave
Jim Himes unseated Connecticut Rep. Chris Shays
Suzanne Kosmas unseated Florida Rep. Tom Feeney
Alan Grayson unseated Florida Rep. Ric Keller
Gary Peters unseated Michigan Rep. Joe Knollenberg
Dina Titus unseated Nevada Rep. Jon Porter
Eric Massa unseated New York Rep. Randy Kuhl
Larry Kissell unseated North Carolina Rep. Robin Hayes
Kathy Dahlkemper unseated Pennsylvania Rep. Phil English
9 open seats we captured due to GOP retirements:

Bobby Bright Sr defeated Jay Love in Alabama
Ann Kirkpatrick defeated Sydney Hay in Arizona
Debbie Halvorson defeated Martin Ozinga in Illinois
John Adler defeated Chris Myers in New Jersey
Martin Heinrich defeated Darren White in New Mexico
Harry Teague defeated Ed Tinsley in New Mexico
Michael McMahon defeated Robert Straniere in New York
Dan Maffei defeated Dale Sweetland in New York
Gerry Connolly defeated Keith Fimian in Virginia
49.69%: R Jay Love
4 Seats We Lead in That Have Not Been Called:
Tom Perriello leads Virginia Rep. Virgil H. Goode Jr
Mark Schauer leads Michigan Rep. Tim Walberg
Darcy Burner leads Washington Rep. Dave Reichert
John Boccieri leads Kirk Schuring in Ohio
The 4 Democrats unseated by Republicans:
Rep. Tim Mahoney of Florida
Rep. Nancy Boyda of Kansas
Rep. Don Cazayoux of Louisianna
Rep. Nick Lampson of Texas
Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke eloquently last night, stating “We have a great deal of work to do, and we can do some of it right from the start, but the rest of it will take a while”. She added, “We must take a very deliberate, steady course for America.” She stressed bipartisanship and praised both President-Elect Barack Obama and defeated Republican nominee John McCain.

A challenge to Prop 8 emerges

Here’s the first press release of the morning regarding the passage of Proposition 8, the ban on same sex marriages in California. It comes from the law offices of Gloria Allred:

Attorney Gloria Allred and her clients, Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, will hold a news conference today November 5, 2008 at 12:00 noon at 6300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500 L.A. to announce a new lawsuit against Prop. 8. Prop. 8 intended to ban same gender marriages in California. 

Ms. Allred and her law firm represented the couple in their victory before the California Supreme Court. Her clients became the first to marry in Los Angeles County in June. 

Ms. Allred will file the new lawsuit today with the California Supreme Court on behalf of the couple.  The new lawsuit will contain a new and controversial legal argument as to why Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. 

Copies of the lawsuit will be provided to the press at the news conference.

To party or not to party — that’s the question

Local democrats are planning so many events tonight, it’s going to be hard to hit them all, but needless to say there are going to be several. Republicans have a few events too.

Occidental College will be hosting a party at Obama’s alma mater.

Pasadena area Dems will be partying at the Hilton on South Los Robles.

David Dreier’s Democratic challenger in the 26th Congressional District, Russ Warner, is holding a party in Claremont at 555 W Foothill Boulevard.

Dreier’s people said Tuesday he won’t be hosting a party. He will be attending several local events though.

Perhaps he’ll show up at Bob and Mei Mei Huff’s party later tonight at the Pacific Palms.

Intrepid reporter Brian Day will be paired with photog Keith Birmingham and they’ve promised to hit all the partys and send updates to those of us stuck in the news room…

Stayed tuned…