Top three Diamond council candidates still in lead

As the majority of election results finish coming in, the three Diamond Bar city council candidates with early leads are holding firm.
Incumbents councilmen Steve Tye holds just under 24 percent of the votes and Ron Everett has about 21 percent. Twelve of 17 precincts are reporting, along with the absentee votes.
The highly contested third seat is held by Ling-Ling Chang, who works in the education field and has experience on the local water district, with 18.5 percent of the vote.
In order, Robert Velazquez (10.95 percent), David Liu (10.84 percent), Lucy Huang (8.37 percent) and Shawn “S” Dhand (7.31 percent) round out the remaining candidates.

Challenger in front for Rowland Unified election

Challenger Cary Chen, a business owner, held an early lead for one of three seats in the Rowland Unified school board election with 19 percent of the vote, with absentees and only four of 32 precincts reporting.
Incumbent Robert Hidalgo and challenger Kimo Morris, a college biology teacher, were also in an early position to claim the remaining two spots.
Hidalgo had a more comfortable lead with about 17 percent, but Morris had a slight margin over fourth place with 14.73 percent. (Incumbent Gilbert Garcia was at 14.7 percent.)

Valle Lindo School board members in early position

Incumbents Gloria Olmos, Rudy Martinez and David Del Rio were leading in the election for three seats on the Valle Lindo School Board in South El Monte.
Olmos hold about 32 percent of the votes, with only absentees and four of the six precincts reporting.
The two-school district serves about 900 students. Martinez held 27 percent and Del Rio 24 percent of the votes.
Challenger “Jackie” Tovar was at about 17 percent of the votes.
The two-school district serves about 900 students.

Early Diamond Bar results show incumbents lead

Diamond Bar City Council incumbents Steve Tye and Ron Everett have early leads in their bids for three seats, according to absentee ballots.
Challenger Ling-Ling Chang, who runs a non-profit education center in Hacienda Heights, is third.
They are followed, in order, by challengers David Liu, Robert Velazquez, Lucy Huang and Shawn “S” Dhand.

Va. election: Republican McDonnell wins easily

In one of the few gubernatorial elections across the country, Virginia overwhelming elected Republican Bob McDonnell with nearly 60 percent of the vote, according to the Associated Press.
Unofficial results showed McDonnell defeated Democrat Creigh Deeds in a state which has increasingly swung Democratic in recent elections, the AP reported.
Many saw the election as a early report card on President Obama, who won Virginia during his election, and the Democratic controlled-Congress before next years midterm elections.
McDonnell, a former state attorney general, will be the state’s first Republican governor in eight years.

A Republican in the freeze…

Hello from D.C., where seriously, it’s really cold.

My plane landed at Dulles about 5 a.m. this morning, I walked out of the terminal and I got a blast of freezing air like I’ve never felt. I think it was about 20 degrees, but I’m going to notch that down to about 15, because of the thermal shock of going from a 90-degree L.A. day to a 20-degree morning in five hours.

But I’m not complaining. I’m a business reporter from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune who has the chance to see history. Plus, everybody else on that plane was in the same boat, facing the cold, including Hugh Hewitt.

That’s right, I happened to be on the same flight with Hewitt, the conservative radio commentator and the only Republican coming into town at a time when they’re all supposed to be leaving.

Kidding aside, I also happen to be a bit of a talk-radio junky, so seeing Hewitt prompted some questions.

So I accosted him in the Dulles Terminal, and he was gracious enough to talk with me briefly as we walked through the terminal, bracing for that cold blast.

It was spur-of-the-moment, so among the first things I could think of asking was: Isn’t conservative talk radio being a little hard on Obama, when the guy hasn’t even taken office yet?

Not the serious hosts, he said — Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and the Dennis Pragers of the world aren’t in the business of taking anybody down, he said.

I wonder about that sometimes.

But that said, Hewitt has been among the most articulate of Republican opinion-meisters, and let’s face it, the last several years, Republicans have needed help in articulating that message.

Speaking of articulating a message, it’s the ability to do that, which makes Obama pretty shrewd, Hewitt said.

His deliberative style, and media savvy will serve the president well, Hewitt said, noting Obama’s breaking of the bread the day before with conservative thinkers.

Still, what will make him successful is not how Obama talks, but what he does with the economy and national defense.

“Grow the economy; don’t let the nation get attacked.”

That’s what will make Obama successful, he said, adding that proposed tax cuts make him hopeful.

And with that, Hewitt had to go.

And I was off into the dark, freezing morning, looking for a Super Shuttle.

Hewitt didn’t ask me to do this, but for his ideas, check out