Oscar fallout

Wow, that was fun. I haven’t felt that way about the Oscars in years. True, I watched most of it with the sound off (my day job takes priority), but still, there were some good surprises in the show.

Congratulations, Oscar winners! May your night be merry and drenched in the alcohol of victory. Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s look back at my month-old predictions.

What I got right:

Well, I definitely hit more than I missed; I called both screenplay categories, best actor, best supporting actor, best picture, and to my delight and surprise, best actress. I can admit that while I initially said Marion Cotillard was going to win, toward the end, I lost faith and was sure Julie Christie was going to win the day. Nothing against Christie, but I’m glad Cotillard’s role didn’t go unheralded. Her riveting transformation (in an OK film) transcends acting; she didn’t play Edith Piaf, she became Edith Piaf. Way to go Academy for doing the right thing here. 

What I got wrong:

I think the true surprise of the evening was Tilda Swinton’s upset win for best supporting actress. Seriously, in the year of “I’m Not There,” who saw that coming? Swinton is a gifted actress, and man, I love Oscar upsets, so bravo!

The other one I missed was best director (I backed Julian Schnabel), and I really should have known better. This category came down to three men, the Coen brothers and Paul Thomas Anderson, and while the other nominees made good films, they never stood a chance. Neither, apparently, did Anderson. Oh well; next time.