The Triumph of Love

Well dear readers, my obsession with “Battlestar Galactica” is still going strong, but I made the effort over my weekend to watch a movie so I could post a legitimate review; so here we are at Clare Peploe’s “The Triumph of Love” (2001).

Here’s a story right out of Shakespeare; the Princess (Mira Sorvino) is the daughter of a usurping king, now deceased; when her father was in power, he kicked out the real king, imprisoned him and his pregnant queen and left them to die there. But things never go according to plan in these things; the baby was smuggled out and left with an intellectual hermit, Hermocrates (Ben Kingsley), and his sister Leontine (Fiona Shaw), to wait for the day when the rightful heir can take back the throne.

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Best intentions

Hi all!

Well, I fully intended to watch a movie this week and write up a characteristically witty review of said movie, but well, something came up.

Specifically, my “Battlestar Galactica” season one DVDs arrived, followed shortly by season 2.0.

My low impulse control coupled with some extra income aided and abetted my desire to binge-view my new favorite TV show, and I have no review this week.

Hope you understand. I’m sure BG fans will. And next week I’ll be back with a new review.

Unless season three shows up.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Folks, I’m going to cop to a new level of geekery here; since I was a kid, I have loved “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the game, the text-based adventure game. Thanks to my dad, and his impromptu Christmas gift of an Infocom boxed set of games to my sister and me, I played that game for years. In fact, it took my 10 years to figure out how to get off the Heart of Gold, and I’ve loved that game ever since. (On a side note, I’ve read the books, but I didn’t find them as joyous as the game.)

So a few years ago, when I heard my game was coming to the big screen, I was pretty stoked, until I read some lukewarm reviews and saw some lackluster commercials and talked myself out of seeing it.

But three years later, I decided to give the movie a chance, and well, it’s a shame that the film is only half as much fun as the game.

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The Village revisited

There are major spoilers, such as the reveal, given away in this review. You have been warned.

Yes folks, you read that right, I voluntarily watched M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Village” again.

And I have to say that the ending is just as hackneyed and unbelievable as it was the first time around. But damn if the rest of the movie (say, the first hour and 15 minutes or so) is still as compelling as it was then.

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