Battlestar Galactica: Daybreak, Part One

The long goodbye.

If you haven’t seen the show, or the most recent episode, and you care about that sort of thing, don’t click to the next page. There be spoilers, and lots of them; you’ve been warned.

Once again, the producers have shown they are in no hurry to get the end of this ride, and I don’t blame them (we are one mind about that). Here we are, part one of the series finale, and this show continues to surprise me. Flashbacks? Here? Frakkin’ brilliant.

Like “Exodus, Part One,” this part one doesn’t have a lot of action, just setup for what’s sure to be an action-packed and revelatory two-hour extravaganza; but I still like “Exodus, Part One” so I’m not worried.

In the present, the Great Ship Galactica is being ripped apart to save as many of the civilian ships as possible. It’s painful for the people who love her, but life must go on. Even the memorial wall is going with them to the Basestar. Think about that for second; their most sacred space is moving to a stronghold of their former enemy. They’re building something out of their pain rather than just wallowing in it. Look how far they’ve come.

Lee Adama is pretty much president now, and none other than Gaius Baltar, former president and former exile, makes a plea for his people to get a voice in their shiny new government. Lee, not being a stupid man, rejects Baltar’s request, and even Baltar agrees that’s probably the right course of action.

Baltar is the ultimate slippery one, but I keep wondering about his sincerity with his cult. Yes, he always looks out for himself, but ever since his epiphany during the mutiny, we’ve seen him try to be a better man and try to help others in the fleet. It could all be an act, it could all be just a ruse to keep himself in power, but despite my better judgment, I want to give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s entirely possible he will do something selfless in the future. He didn’t choose to go on this rescue mission, mostly because he doesn’t want to die, but maybe, possibly, he can’t bear the thought of leaving his people behind again.

Yeah, I don’t really believe it either, but I’d like too.

Speaking of those on a redemption path, Boomer is having some serious doubts about Cavil’s plans for Hera over in Colony World. I’d like to see her go all ‘Six’ on Simon, Doral and Cavil and free Hera herself, but that’s, again, probably not going to happen. On the plus side, you never can tell with that Eight.

Chief also makes another step on redemption road; whenever Chief get broken by love, he turns to bitterness and nihilism, and this time he’s chosen a suicide mission over living with his betrayal. I suspect we’re going to see Boomer die in his arms again, this time for keeps, and maybe he can heal himself the right way. There’s no real reason to think that, because he has failed to learn that every other time, but I want a good ending for him, even if he does end up dead.

The rescue mission: A small number of Colonials and Cylons, including 98% of the main cast, have elected to jump into an asteroid field (on top of a black hole) to go rescue Hera. I’m hoping we’ll get the space battle to end all space battles next week, because well, one way or another, it will be. Very, very exciting.

But for now, let’s talk about the flashbacks that peppered this episode.

I loved them. I say that a lot with this show, but what has always sucked me in to this drama is the characters, and this is their goodbye to us. We get to see glimpses of their pre-Holocaust joys and sorrows and the lives they’ve lost in their journey with us.

Who would have thought Laura Roslin had a family, when we’ve always seen her alone? Who would have imagined that the first time Lee and Kara met was when she was cooking dinner for his brother? Who would have thought Samuel T. Anders wanted to be a perfect, Pyramid-playing machine? Who would have thought that Gaius Baltar cared enough about his father to get angry at him?

We’ve seen them all lose the lives they had, and now they’re more or less back there. Laura’s family has grown around her (despite her best efforts to cut herself away from that); Lee and Kara will always have each other (in one form or another); and Anders has become perfection, a god from a machine (in more ways than one). Gaius has probably changed the least, still seeking approval from father figures, but I don’t think his journey is done.

Last week, we saw only death and the possibility of rising up from the ashes, but now, with “Daybreak, Part One,” our characters have found that while, in one way or another, they all died in the Holocaust, they have been and are being reborn.

And they’re all being reborn together, Cylons and humans; my favorite part was most definitely the call for volunteers to save a kidnapped child. Saints and sinners, the healthy and the dying, cross the salt to fight as a family for one of their own.

Who would have thought that?

Next week, my finale review will be a bit late as I’m going out of town for the weekend, but it will be there nonetheless, just as soon as I’ve recovered and can focus enough to write one.

But, just for fun, I thought I would share some last minute predictions and wishes for this finale. Here goes –

1)      More than anything else, I want to know the truth of the Opera House. RDM has said that will be revealed, so I’m not worried, but I’m predicting that we won’t find out until the last half hour of the show.

2)      Next on my wish list is a scene between Tory and Laura; doesn’t have to be much, but sheesh show, they loved each other once, would a goodbye scene kill you?

3)      Likewise, I want Tory to get away with Callie’s murder and not just because I didn’t like Callie. Is there really a reason to go back there? I’m fairly certain Tory’s going to die, and I have my doubts about Tyrol’s survival, so really, why bother?

4)      Last words of the show: “We’re alive.”

5)      Most likely to survive IMO: Lee Adama, Starbuck the White, and Caprica Six.

6)      I don’t want to share my most likely to die list, because it just makes me too sad. I will say that my favorite characters are on it and leave it at that.

7)      A hopeful ending, where Cylons and humans find a place to live together.