Courage and stupidity in “Year One”

Finally, the fates rewarded me with both time and funds and I was able to see “Star Trek” over my weekend. We’ve all heard the good things about it and the endless heaps of praise, yada yada yada.

Here’s my review in six words: It really is that frakkin’ good.

But, before I found that out, I was treated to a series of trailers, the most promising one being “Year One,” a comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera that premieres this summer.

As we all discovered last year, a good comedy is hard to come by. I’ve found that while most dramas can elicit some emotion, be it tears or anger (or anything in between), laughter is so much harder to evoke, probably because everyone will feel sad at a father’s death, but not everyone will laugh at a rake-to-the-face.

In my cynical movie-going heart, I know not to expect much from “Year One.” It looks that stupid, but there’s a part of me, that part that always seeks a way to bond with those fellow theatergoes, that wants the movie to be so ridiculously stupid that it becomes art.

A good example of the crazy, daring kind of stupid is “From Dusk Till Dawn.” It starts as a low-budget crime spree flick, and ends as a gory, showdown with vampires flick. Yes, it’s that stupid, but “From Dusk Till Dawn” had the courage to be that stupid, to just embrace the ridiculous nature of the plot and go forward.

It’s a tricky line to walk; done right, you get “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.” Done wrong, you get “Napoleon Dynamite.” Or “Repo Man.” Trust me, we don’t need any more of that.

I’ll have to decide at the time, but hopefully “Year One” can be good stupid, absurd stupid, and not plain ol’ stupid stupid. Nobody laughs at that clown.

  • Jim

    I have yet to see a trailer for “Year One” … well with the volume, that is. Hopefully, it does evoke some great humor.

    “Land of the Lost,” however, I think will fall into the category of “plain ol’ stupid stupid.”