Alien Trespass

I’ll admit it; despite its flaws, I enjoyed “Alien Trespass,” the straight-to-DVD film from director R.W. Goodwin.

The fake backstory of the film was enough to get me to want to watch it; at the height of his popularity, M. Eric McCormack (“grandfather” of actor Eric McCormack) made “Alien Trespass,” but after a falling out with the studio, all copies of the film were destroyed and lost forever. Until now – a copy has resurfaced and the “grandchildren” of the makers have healed some old wounds and for our enjoyment, comes a forgotten treasure of ’50s sci-fi.

In a small California town, during a meteor shower, an erratic UFO crashes into a bluff. When scientist Ted Lewis (McCormack) goes to investigate, an alien snatches his body and begins walking around, being weird and attracting all sorts of attention from his fellow townfolk. Of course, while he’s off exploring and searching, the baddie alien is running amok and killing people. Not-Ted (otherwise known as Urp) keeps looking for the alien, but even with the help of plucky waitress Tammy (Jenni Baird), can he succeed and save humanity from imminent destruction???

To add to the gimmickry, the real filmmakers made the film only with materials and procedures available at that time. No CGI for these folks; that spaceship looks likes a model spaceship. That fake alien looks like a cheesy fake alien (although it moves pretty well).

I can admit, there’s not much there that’s original or surprising, but it is fun. It’s not a satire of those old monster movies; it’s a loving homage and it perfectly captures the goofy thrills and styles of that era. If you go in for those kind of pictures, by all means, see “Alien Trespass.” If you don’t, best look elsewhere.

“Alien Trespass” (2009)

Directed by R.W. Goodwin

Written by Steven P. Fisher

Starring: Eric McCormack (Ted Lewis/Urp)

Jenni Baird (Tammy)