Battlestar Galactica: Scar

As the Galactica is parked in an asteroid field for a critical mining operation, Starbuck and her viper pilots go up against one mean Cylon raider, known as Scar, who continually picks off the pilots.


A note to first time BSG watchers; these aren’t the reviews for you. I plan to write about the show with the ending in mind. If you haven’t seen the show, you will be spoiled on stuff that happens at the end. You’ve been warned.

Oh Kara Thrace, you are just one hundred different kinds of frakked up. I love you dearly, but yikes, you are a handful.


You’re loud, you drink too much, you’re obnoxious and you’re in charge. You never know what you want, just that you don’t want what you’ve already got. You’re the best warrior the fleet has, but you’re too screwed up to live up to your full potential.


Like Lee’s episode last week, “Scar” is all about Kara Thrace’s dark night of the soul. She has to face that she can’t rescue Anders; she can’t save these pilots from Scar’s wrath; she can’t kill an enemy as smart and mean as Scar.


So, she does what Starbuck does; she drinks too much, she gets into pissing matches with Kat (a mini-Starbuck without her issues or her heart), she nearly sleeps with Lee (messing with his emotions and his head), and she nearly kills herself trying to kill Scar.


Her self-destruction goes so far that she ends up being less her old cocky self than Kat, her protg and heir apparent should Kara perish.


But…she’s Kara frakkin’ Thrace.


We know it, and she eventually remembers it. She will rescue Anders with an insane plan that should not have worked. She will remember the pilots who have died trying to protect this last group of humanity (including Kat). She will kill Scar, albeit indirectly, and Kat will get the credit. She will remember that while she’s not afraid of dying, she likes living, and Anders is a good enough reason to keep on fighting.


“Scar” is really the first time where I really noticed just how good an actress Katee Sackhoff has become. In the beginning, she was portraying this larger-than-life character as larger than life, which strained the credulity of the show a bit (but her performance did serve as an apology to older BSG fans for making Starbuck a woman this time around).


But here, she’s all bruised heart and broken spirit. She’s subtle and showing Kara’s emotional state where the script is obvious and all about telling us what’s going on. It’s a remarkable transformation, and another sign that the BSG actors really was robbed of Emmy glory.


Before I go, I do feel I have to give Lee Adama a couple of quizzical looks after this episode.


Dude, what were you thinking?


Kara Thrace is a dynamic, intoxicating woman to be around, but she’s all kinds of trouble. You’ve loved her since the first day you met her, you’ve wanted her through all of her relationships (and probably your own too). She does nothing but screw with you, and you will even go so far as to marry a woman you care for, but don’t love as much, because she ditched you and spontaneously married her boyfriend.


If you had any brains, you’d walk away. You’d run away. But Lee loves who he loves and there is no cure for that (thank the gods).


Next up: “Sacrifice”