Battlestar Galactica: Sacrifice

A group of four civilian dissidents takes the patrons of Cloud Nine hostage, including Dualla, Billy Keikeya, Ellen Tigh and Lee Adama, demanding the Cylon Sharon be turned over to them. Tragedy ensues.


A note to first time BSG watchers; these aren’t the reviews for you. I plan to write about the show with the ending in mind. If you haven’t seen the show, you will be spoiled on stuff that happens at the end. You’ve been warned.

Oh, Billy. I never knew how much I missed you until I watched this episode again.


First time through the show, I had no clue what was coming to the promising presidential aide. I wasn’t quite wise to the show’s tricks, and his death really blindsided me (and I suspect I was not alone). And as much as I really did grow to love Tory, my show wasn’t the same afterward, which is one of the hard truths of this episode.


Bill Adama takes a huge risk in trying to fool some terrorists, and it doesn’t work (even Laura told him it wasn’t worth it, but that was probably just the grief talking). He was unwilling to give up his military asset, and Billy died because of that choice. He traded Billy’s life for Athena’s; he traded the irreplaceable for the replaceable.


What sets Bill Adama apart from the others at this moment is his faith in his fake daughter. She hasn’t quite gotten back into his heart, but she will, and he’s right to have faith in this turncoat. She made a choice, she picked a side, and she never betrayed them.  


Bill knew that, but it’s not something he can share. In just two episodes, Roslin will steal Athena’s baby, hide Hera in the fleet and she will let both Athena and Helo believe their daughter is dead, and she will do that and not tell her best friend about it, and now I know why. His faith comes up against her hard pragmatism, and while their aren’t hard feelings between them here (or when her deception is uncovered), his latent love of a Cylon will put a wedge in their relationship that will not come free easily.


But, this was Billy’s hour too, so I’ve got to talk about Dualla and Lee and all that drama.


A lot of fans gave up on Dualla after this episode, but I never did. Even the writer’s have admitted they flubbed how they portrayed her relationship with Lee, and while I agree, BSG was always a show that left a lot of room for interpretation (and one that left a lot of information in the background).


I never thought ill of Dualla, mainly because I liked how she handled her breakup with Billy, Yes, she cared about him, but not enough for forever, and she told him that. She was blunt, but she ended it, unlike her husband who waffled for years over one Kara Thrace. It was painful, she broke his heart, but it was a clean break. Her relationship with Lee certainly took off quickly, but they’re at the end of the world; there isn’t a lot of time for doubt, and she knew what she wanted (shame he didn’t feel the same way).

She knew that Billy deserved someone who loved him like she loved Lee.


The back story of Billy’s demise is quite interesting, but really, it only means that his end was inevitable. Billy was a great character who lived mostly in the background, but who was willing to speak up and/or act when he needed to. He was principled, ambitious and an excellent counterpoint to his steely boss. He could have been more, but instead, he died to protect the woman he loved (who didn’t love him back), his finest and final hour.


‘He was so young.’ He will be dearly missed.


Next up: “The Captain’s Hand”