Stuff I Like…or what I’ve been doing in the months I’ve been away.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. A lot of the reason is that I really haven’t been watching movies lately; I’ve mostly been geeking out on books, comics, games, TV and all manner of things that have only served to keep me away from my neglected blog.

But no need to dwell on the past. Here’s some snippets of things I’ve discovered in the past months.

Kindle Fire – Here we have the (probable) number one reason behind my blog absence. This tablet is so, so much fun. Sure, it’s not an iPad, but since I loathe all things Apple, it’s a fun (and cheap) alternative. It’s a toy and a damn fun one.

Xenosaga trilogy – If you still have a PS2 (or even if you have less reputable means), I would highly recommend this hardcore sci-fi trilogy. It deals with a lot of the same issues my beloved BSG dealt with (instant pluses there, although I played this before watching BSG), but it also manages to incorporate this epic story across three games. It’s not perfect, and there are a lot of issues with the second game (although the storyline in that one is my absolute favorite), it’s both a fun and thought provoking series to dive into.

“The Big Bang Theory”  – I’ve been hearing good things about this show for years, and when a friend lent us the DVDs, Jim and I finally decided to give the show a shot, and surprise surprise, it’s pretty good. The characters are pretty fun to hang around, and it’s a blast to see a show where the hot woman gets to be as funny as her male counterparts (three cheers for Kaley Cuoco!). Check it out if you haven’t given it a chance yet; you could be in for a treat.

DC Comics – This one is quite the shock. I’ve always, always been a Marvel fan, and I never gave the DC side of the comics world a close look. But then I decide I want to read more Batman, and whoosh, there I see all the undiscovered fun on this side of the aisle. No one does ‘dark’ quite like Batman writers, and damn if I can’t help getting into The Green Lantern too. Weird I say. Weird.

Autobiographical comics  – OK, so I’ve only read 3 (“Fun Home,” “Are You My Mother” and “Drinking at the Movies”), but it’s only my limited funds that’s stopping me from buying more. This entire genre exsisted and I was not aware. This will be remedied (and I’m always up for a good recommendation).

“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” – I would really recommend reading the book first, but man, this tight and taut spy thriller was a joy to shift through. Gary Oldman gives quite the subdued performance, but it’s magnetic all the same, even in a film that is mostly about research. And for you “Sherlock” fans, Benedict Cumberbatch is another gem in this all-around excellent film. Speaking of “Sherlock”…

“Sherlock”  – You’ve probably already heard all about this one, but the update really, really works, mostly because Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman completely sell the ludicrous (but highly entertaining) adventures this dynamic duo find themselves in.

“Dungeons & Dragons” – This one is more about getting to hang out with some friends, but it’s been a lot of fun getting to flesh out this character I’ve made (a Half-Orc rogue named Bree). My team is slowly becoming a well-oiled killing machine, and we’ve got a lot of adventuring ahead of us. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a hell of a good time (and hey, understanding the ins-and-outs of “Dorkness Rising” makes it all worthwhile).

“Words With Friends” – Come play with me! I’m Albatross117.

“Mass Effect 3″ – I will probably write more about this game later, but “Mass Effect 3″ really stuck with me after finishing it, despite the negative press about the ending, I think it was a fine solution to a problem nobody likes (endings). More to come later, but if you’ve played 1 and 2, it’s worth seeing this trilogy all the way to the end.

“Dragon Age: Origins” – My first Bioware game! I think the second one is actually the better game, but I have a lot more fun with this one, and in my third time through, I finally got the end I wanted AND managed to make my stabby rogue into a super-strong and powerful killing machine. Watch out Darkspawn, I will end you!!!

“Lost At Sea” – I really liked “Scott Pilgrim” the movie, and once I finished the comics (which added a lot more to the secondary characters, especially my favorite, Kim), I decided on a whim to check out Bryan Lee O’Malley’s earlier comic. It’s a wispy little book, but like in “Scott Pilgrim,” he really captured the loneliness and isolation of young adulthood (or at least mine).

“Sports Night” – I’m an Aaron Sorkin fan from way back, and while I’d heard many good things about “Sports Night” back in the day, it was never available in a format I could afford. But now the whole series is on Netflix, and while I’m only halfway through season one, I’m absolutely digging the speeches, the idealism, the witty banter that all come in Sorkin shows. I don’t even like sports, and I can’t help but like this show.

“Misfits” – A group of young adult offenders in England are going about their community service shift when a freak storm gives them all superpowers, and they then have to deal with the having their various powers and the trouble they can cause. Yeah, it sounds like a “Heroes” knockoff (and we all know how that show turned out), but “Misfits” takes a smaller approach. They are just a group, some friendly, some obnoxious, trying to work through their community service with as little effort as possible. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a refreshing take on the *superhero* genre. And since it’s British, you also get lots of swearing and the occasional gratuitous nudity, if you’re in to that sort of thing.

“Revenge” – When you come right down to it, I don’t watch a lot of current TV. I really prefer watching at my own pace (breakneck, if you don’t mind), and since I’ve don’t have cable, a lot of stuff just floats past me. But because of my love for the late and lamented “Everwood,” I decided to give this freshman show a chance (despite bad reviews for the pilot), and I was so not disappointed. It’s deliciously soapy and features some tight plotting along with characters you both love and hate. Since the first season just wrapped up, don’t be afraid to dive into this surprisingly fun tale of REVENGE.

That’s it; that’s a sampling what I’ve been up to. It’s been a lot of fun, and I hope you can say the same for the fun stuff in your life.