The Deja Vu double feature

Another month, another double feature (albeit an unintentional one).


Today, we have Nir Bergman’s “Broken Wings” (2002) and Lawrence Kasdan’s “Body Heat” (1981).

Now really, these films have nothing in common. I watched them in the same day, they both start with “B,” but beyond that, nada. The former is about a family falling apart, the latter a suspense filled thriller of seduction and murder.

But hear me out.

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The squandered potential double feature

In a first for my double features, I didn’t watch the films “9” and “Avatar” back to back. Instead, I watched about a third of “9,” then “Avatar,” then the rest of “9.” In my defense, I was really tired.

Sure, maybe I’m violating some double feature rules, but these too films have a lot in common, which, in this case, is not a good thing.

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Another double feature

Recently, I switched my DVD provider to Netflix, and boy, they totally rock. They deserve my business (but you’re free to make up your own mind). And to celebrate this momentous switcheroo, it’s double-feature time!

This time, our theme is early CGI sci-fi with “Tron” and “The Last Starfighter.”

I was somewhat familiar with both of these films, my mom is a sci-fi fan from wayback (thanks for that!) and I’m sure that at some point in my childhood, I watched both films. But since I can’t remember them, time for a fresh start.

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June gloom double feature

It’s my day off, and it’s cloudy and a bit cool, almost my favorite weather ever. So what do I do? Double feature, of course.

I trekked to Blockbuster and rented “King Kong” (2005), which I neglected to see in the theater (although I did want to), and “War of the Worlds” (in an amusing coincidence, also 2005), which a friend of mine once told me was the worst movie ever made.

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