“Stargate SG1″ – Ten years in one post

I liked it. I really, really liked it.

Those were my thoughts upon finishing Stargate: SG1 the series and the two movies, “Ark of Truth” and “Contintuum.” I decided a couple months ago that since I liked the first two episodes I saw, “Window of Opportunity” and “Prometheus,” plus “Continuum,” I wanted to go back and watch the whole series, all ten seasons, just to see what it was about.

And to get this out of the way early, yes I am a crazy person. And no, I don’t have a life.

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“Stargate” (the movie)

Lately, I’ve been binge watching “Stargate SG-1,” the television series. Since I have liked the show so far (I’m in the middle of the sixth season), I thought it was time to go back to the beginning and watch the movie properly.

I know at some point that I tried to watch this movie; I remembered the beginning, but after that, and after watching the movie altogether, I can see why it was not particularly memorable.

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Stargate: Continuum

I never felt the need to get into the Stargate franchise. Some 14 years ago, I watched the movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader, and I forgot most of it, but I remembered enough to know that I didn’t want to go back.

However, a few weeks, one of my geeky pursuits decided to cover various Stargate storylines, and in a spirit of community, I checked it out (if you’re interested, the entire series is available on Hulu).

So far, I’ve seen two episodes that I thought were good, but they didn’t convince me to obsessively watch the rest of the show, but because one podcast was devoted exclusively to “Stargate: Continuum,” I gave the show another look.

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