Smogdance Winners

Just a shorty this time, but I was poking about online for news from Smogdance, and the only place I could find the winners was on another blog. Weird.

But, to my delight, I discovered that “Vanished Acres” not only won an audience award in the Open/Experimental category, but also won the Best Student Open/Experimental award.

My other favorite of the night, “Deleted Scenes” also got an honorary mention for Best Nonstudent Open/Experimental, which is somewhat odd as I remember that being in the comedy section. Oh well. But “Deleted Scenes” lost out on the audience award, which instead went to “20Q,” the Christopher Guest-ish mockumentary. Can’t win them all, but “Deleted Scenes” definitely had my vote.

“Simulacra” won the audience award for Best Animated Short, as well as an honorable mention for Student Animation.  While I didn’t go for it, the animation was stunning, so no hard feelings here.

A Night at Smogdance

After a 40 mile drive to Claremont, I find myself back in film class, in an auditorium with desks in the seats, a large screen that feels small, and 170 other people all sharing the same experience.

Yes that’s right readers; I’m at the 10th anniversary of Smogdance. It’s the second night of the three-day festival filled with 12 shorts of varying lengths and quality. I’m armed with my notebook and my contraband water and ready for action. Shorts, dazzle me!

Some initial thoughts:

*Sitting in the third row under a small screen – please no one sit in front of me (people did, but there was quite a crowd).

*What’s this mystery short that’s on the ballot but not in the program?

*Why isn’t the show starting on time?

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