The joy of Web series’

So, I’m still watching “The Ennead,” the Web series I plugged a few months ago, and I just wanted to let you know that if you haven’t checked it out, and you’re feeling the “Lost” withdrawal, it will help.

Right now, episode ten was just released, and we’ve gotten to know the characters a bit better and we’ve finally been introduced to some conflict outside the internal conflict of group memory loss.

Yeah for ambiguous villains!

I’m still watching because despite the occasional exposition-heavy episode, or bad actor (I won’t name names, but there’s really only one), I’m invested.

Dammit, I hate when that happens. Almost as much as I love it.

Since we’re on the subject of Web series’, apparently I’m the last person in the geek universe to discover “The Guild,” but it’s good enough that I’m going to plug anyway. (The bonus side of being late to the party: less waiting for content.)

“The Guild” is about six people who obsessively play an online game, and I do mean that; none of them appear to have jobs or social skills outside of the game. And while they fight and talk to each other all the time, the members of this guild have never actually met in real life, even though they all live in the same city.

But, when one of them, Zaboo (Sanndeep Parikh) shows up at our heroine Codex’s (Felicia Day) doorstep to 1) declare his love and 2) move in, she decides she needs the gang’s backup to get him out of her house. Of course, when the guild actually comes face to face, their simple game friendships become a lot more complicated. Which is just hilarious to watch.

Day is also the writer and producer for the show, and she’s apparently an avid gamer too, so while she can’t get into the game specifics (copyright worries), the whole show feels real, like you really are watching a bunch of geeks trying to cope with real life in between game time. From a geek of a different persuasion, it totally rings true.

Seasons one and two available for free. Definitely worth the time.

“The Ennead,” a Web series

On Thursday, I stumbled upon a new serial TV show on Youtube called “The Ennead.” I’m not really sure how that’s pronounced, or what it means, but the title was close enough to “The Aeneid,” my favorite Classical epic, to get me to click on it.

Five people wake up in the woods; it’s cold, but most of them are wearing jackets. They all know English, and how to speak, but they don’t remember anything, except waking up. Interspersed with the present are unsettling flashbacks; they all more or less knew each other, and in the present, some of them can feel that they should know each other, but nothing’s clear, to them or to us.

It’s an old fashioned serial film and from what I’ve seen, the show has a lot in common with “Lost,” (I’ve already matched the cast to those characters – I see a Kate, Jack, Sawyer, Sayid and Faraday) but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. At two episodes in, I’m intrigued enough to write about it.

I hope the creator can keep the good times coming; I can forgive less-than-stellar effects, and I hope the five-minute-long episode format will help the story alone and not impede it.

Check it out when you get the chance; new episodes air every Thursday.