Jellick joins in election day

And the winner is!!!!

Jellick Elementary students will join in on the election day activities with their very own presidential mock-debate in Rowland Heights

GATE students will play the roles of the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees as well as campaign managers, hosts and moderators. The big debate will begin 9:15 a.m. Tuesday on the playground.

Led by GATE teacher Tracy Do, 4th – 6th grade students have been preparing for weeks for this first-time school event. Student moderators will present questions to the candidates on a variety of different issues – education, economy and environment.

Roles Played by Student Team:
Senator John McCain: William Hua (6th)
Senator Barack Obama: Ajeet Bhatia (4th)
Senator Joe Biden: Kevin Choi (5th)
Governor Sarah Palin: Michael Phillips (6th)

Republican Campaign Managers: Winson Bi (5th) and Hannah Hernandez (6th)
Democratic Managers: Jious Mira and Luan Nguyen (both 5th)
Moderators: Diamond Casiano (5th) Javier Velasco (6th) Sean Alberto (6th)
Announcers/Hosts: Katreena Orquita (4th) and Flora Tan (4th)

Los Altos celebrates Day of the Dead

Los Altos High School’s Spanish Club invites the community to its Day of the Dead Celebration from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday Nov. 3.

This is the fifth year the club has sponsored this event, which will include live music and tamales for sale. Students will perform throughout the evening.

The celebration will be held in the Los Altos Hacienda, 15325 E. Los Robles in Hacienda Heights.

Club members and advisor Sandra Espinosa promise an authentic remembrance of this traditional day. For information about the Los Altos event, call (626) 934-5400.