Don’t drink and drive

Don’t drink and drive this New Year’s. California Highway Patrol officers will be on the road keeping an eye out for drunken drivers during the department’s Maximum Enforcement Period, which starts Wednesday night and ends at midnight Sunday.

All available CHP officers will be out on the road. The department is also asking people to call 9-1-1 and report drivers they suspect are driving under the influence.

Last year’s enforcement led to the arrests of 1,661 drivers statewide for driving under the influence. There were 43 people killed in 4,613 crashes. And 18 of those fatalities were alcohol-related, according to the CHP.

Police will focusing on all types of infractions. Most DUI arrests happen when drivers are pulled over for other violations.

Other law enforcement agencies also will be on the lookout for those who drink and get behind the wheel.

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