Los Molinos remodels library


During these difficult financial times, many school districts are struggling to meet their budget without laying off teachers. That leaves little money for extras.

So when Los Molinos Elementary wanted to remodel its library, the Hacienda Heights school decided to do it on its own.

For the past three years, the K-5 school has scrimped and saved for the new library. And thanks to the generosity of parents and area businesses, the beautiful new library has opened its doors to more than 300 students.

“It’s just amazing in this economy that community members, PTA and businesses have worked so hard for our new library,” said Principal Angela Lin, pictured reading a book to students. “They’ve proven we’re all here for our kids. If the kids need something, then we’ll all do it together.”

Read the whole story in the Hacienda Heights Highlander.

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