Two hour parking in Hacienda Heights

Hacienda Heights resident Helene Moore has has taken on a local project and has succeeded because of her determination.

For several years, her street and nearby streets were the site of used cars parked on weekends to attract buyers. The constant congestion and crowd made access difficult for homeowners and left lots of trash.

Supervisor Don Knabe’s field deputy Dickie Simmons came to view the problem, then advised Moore of the steps needed for resolution.

She secured the signatures of all affected residents on petitions prior to the county’s approval for “Two Hour Parking Only” signs. This was done and the problem was solved.

Supervisor Gloria Molina is asking the county to consider a ban on selling cars in public streets – a practice she says creates impromptu used car lots that are a nuisance for neighbors.

Molina says the practice allows people to conduct business without a license and without any oversight as to whether they are acting legally.

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