Walnut man caught after shooting his brother

A Walnut man wanted for shooting his brother was caught by West Covina police late Wednesday night.

West Covina police Lt. Marty Sevilla said Sean Kent was arrested at 11:15 p.m. after he was stopped in the 300 block of Prospero Drive in Covina.

A West Covina officer recognized Kent’s pickup truck. He got closer and noticed there was an attempt to alter the “A” in the license plate to look like a “4”, according to Sevilla.

Sevilla said the officer fired a bean bag round at Kent when he refused orders and kept reaching toward his waistband and inside the car.

He said Kent complied after being hit by the bean bag and was taken into custody. He will be turned over to deputies.

Kent is accused of shooting his 43-year-old brother in the leg during an argument Tuesday afternoon in the 19800 block of Vista Hermosa Drive in Walnut. He left the scene before deputies showed up.

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