Volunteers help out a vet in Rowland Heights


Alex Cardiel’s father was never a part of his life. And his step-dad, the father of his four younger siblings, died in 1996, leaving Alex as the man of the house as a young teen. “I kind of had to assume that role,” said the 29-year-old Rowland Heights resident.

But after long being the one to take care of others, Cardiel this week was the recipient of some much-needed care from the community.

After graduating from Diamond Bar High School in 2000, Cardiel signed up with the U.S. Marine Corps, hoping to set a good example for his brothers and sister. He was on his second tour in Iraq when a fuel truck rigged with a car bomb exploded nearby.

“In that blast I was picked up and I was thrown, and I crashed into my best friend (in midair). It picked him up and threw him,” Cardiel said.

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