Hacienda Height’s Twinkle shines in new CB


Twinkle has a new CD out. Hacienda Height’s own Alitzah Wiener released her new children’s album “Made in the U.S.A.” on July 31.

The popular entertainer known as Twinkle has been working on the new songs with her husband for the past year.

“We wanted to finish by April, but we couldn’t make it, so we moved it to July with the Fourth of July celebration and the Olympics,” the Wilson High graduate explained.

The Whittier native even made a video tribute to the Olympics.

“I love watching the Olympics, especially gymnastics and swimming,” Wiener added. “I wanted to support the U.S. team so I decided to make a video.”

She researched past Olympic champions and grouped them by the state they were born in. The video blends a montage of Olympic stars, past and present, with her original song “Made in the U.S.A.”

Gabby Douglas, the 16-year-old who took Olympic gold last week in the all-around gymnastics competition, can be seen leaping across the screen. Douglas joins other Olympic legends such as Carl Lewis.

“My sister Danielle did a great job on the video, she’s an actress with a talent for directing,” Wiener said.

She said the new CD is a little different from her first album.

“It’s more mainstream pop like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. And I wrote it for an older audience, since my fans are growing up,” Wiener said.

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