Super PAC calls Rep. Ed Royce “Monster from Washington” in ad for challenger Jay Chen

Voters who think politics have gotten scary in the United States now have some proof. A new campaign ad in support of Democratic candidate Jay Chen’s bid for the 39th Congressional District depicts his opponent, 20-year Republican Congressman Ed Royce, as a monster, literally.

The ad, by a new Super PAC supporting Chen, calls Royce “The Creature from Washington” who goes around terrorizing senior citizens by taking away their Medicare.

The ad is an homage to 1950s-style black-and-white monster movies and uses scary music and ghoulish imagery to depict the “attack” on women and the elderly’s Medicare benefits. The ad is more campy than the horror portrayed in Rick Santorum’s “Welcome to Obamaville” ad, released last spring.

“Something disturbing is on the move in California and it’s attacking the things that matter most, like Medicare,” intones the narrator’s voice heard over a man’s footsteps following a woman walking up a darkened staircase. “It voted to raise taxes on hard-working middle class families. It is the creature from Washington: Ed Royce. His votes are real but we can stop him,” the ad concludes.

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