Rowland Heights Coordinating Council discusses community standards

The Rowland Heights Community Standards District (CSD) will be the topic for this month’s Community Coordinating Council meeting on Dec. 9 at 7 p.m. in Pathfinder Park.

Los Angeles County has a set of standards that apply to all of the unincorporated areas. However, the county also allows unincorporated communities, like Rowland Heights, to modify certain aspects of the county wide standards to meet the needs of their specific area by the formation of CSD’s.

A community can adopt standards that are either more or less restrictive than the county’s. Board member Kingdon Chew will review areas of our CSD that might need to be changed.

These include the standards for commercial and public parking spaces, commercial signage standards, changes that might be needed to deal with the problems created by tour bus operators when they pick-up and drop-off their customers, residential setbacks to provide for public and vehicular safety, and community concerns regarding residential RV parking standards.

If time permits, Kingdon will also speak on the permitting process required for residents or commercial property owners who want to make changes to their properties.

Please plan to attend this important meeting and voice your concerns or support regarding the changes that are being suggested. Bring a friend or neighbor.

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